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Welcome to C-NumeriC, a Start-Up Company designing analytics solutions to expensive but necessary activities that are part of Drilling, Completions, Workover and Plug & Abandonment (P&A) operations. We are a team of like-minded experienced professionals with a shared vision for success. Our solutions ensures repeatability of best performances and provides significant costs benefits to our clients. 

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Rok2Rok™ - A P&A-W Analytics Solution

At C-NumeriC, we believe that Rok2Rok™ which can provide over 20% P&A or Workover total operations costs reduction will soon become the choice solution in the industry segments. We’ve only just started, but we already know that every product we build is a positive step change towards achieving the industry set goals of substantial costs reduction.



C-NumeriC is a spin out business from a Scottish Enterprise Accelerator Programme and is established to provide scalable solutions for Oil & Gas Companies which are active in Drilling, Completions, Workover and Plug & Abandonment Operations. 

The team has several years of experience in the Design, Development and Operations of downhole equipment, in Well Intervention Business Development and Software Engineering/Systems Architecture. 

Team members has research and industrial publications in the areas of numerical modelling and optimisation of repetitive procedures. 

Our solutions are built by closely listening to our clients and understanding their expectations of our products.

We know how to process your data and customise our solutions to reduce your overall operations costs.

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C-NumeriC is not “re-inventing the wheels but making them drive much better”, "turning the art of intensive downhole operations procedures into the science of repeatable and transferable best performances from job to job".



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